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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pKa of Na2HPO4 and nah3po4?

for H3PO4 pKa = 2.15 for NaH2PO4 pKa = 7.2 for Na2HPO4 pKa = 12.4 Home Study Guides Science Math and Arithmetic

What is the pKa of a sodium phosphate buffer?

It's pKa value is 1.9. Why is a sodium phosphate buffer used for the pH 6.24 buffer? Phosphate ions are used as a buffer because there are three protonated forms (H3PO4, H2PO4-, and HPO42-) that have pKa in the correct range.

What is the relationship between pKa and PKB?

• pKa and pKb are the logarithmic scales of Ka and Kb. • Kb is related to the acid dissociation constant, Ka, by the simple relationship pKa + pKb = 14, where pKb and pKa are the negative logarithms of Kb and Ka, respectively. • Kb and Ka are also related through the ion constant for water, Kw, by the relationship Kw = Kb x Kb=a

What is the pKa of a strong acid?

pKa: A quantitative measure of the strength of an acid in solution; a weak acid has a pKa value in the approximate range −2 to 12 in water and a strong acid has a pKa value of less than about −2. Base ionization constant (Kb): The equilibrium constant for the ionization of a base.

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