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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I forward a mxtoolbox message?

Click on forward and address the message to [email protected] In the area above the copied part of the message, Paste the Internet Headers and click Send. If you already have the update or just installed it, open any message and look for Internet headers on the Options tab.

Why choose mxtoolbox for email marketing?

MxToolbox strives to provide your business the most beneficial information related to your email platform. By offering your company a variety of free tools to gain optimal deliverability, we believe our tools allow your messages to be delivered successfully. This not only protects your business, but also your customers.

What's new in mxtoolbox delivery center?

The newest visibility feature of MxToolbox Delivery Center incorporates Feedback Loops. Feedback Loops allow Inbox Providers to return information from inbox owners to the original senders, including much of the original message header.

Is there a tool that makes email headers readable?

MxToolBox Email Header Analyzer Makes Email Headers Readable. Our Email Header Analyzer has been around for a few years but we have recently polished it to include a few more cool features. Email Headers can be a real challenge to decipher which is why we developed this tool in the first place.

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