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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 3D anatomy model?

3D anatomy model. While watching our videos, you get to enjoy one of the most detailed and visually impressive 3D models available, which has been designed by a skilled team of anatomy experts and talented 3D artists. It has been developed as one of the most accurate and biomechanically correct presentations of muscle anatomy.

Why is 3D anatomy so important?

At Kenhub, we completely agree! 3D anatomy provides us with the most efficient and optimal means of learning muscle anatomy. That's why we made it our mission to provide the very best 3D muscle anatomy videos for our users.

Why are kenhub 3D anatomy videos better?

Why are Kenhub 3D anatomy videos better? In our videos, we guide you through the anatomy and functions of each muscle of the lower limb in a logical and structured manner. The result? You'll learn the maximum amount of detail in the least amount of time.

Is the growth Monster 360 worth it?

AND FULLS SCREEN THIS SHIT! Growth monsters are the best! i've seen the 360 via angryjoe. it was awesome. That was an interesting way of styling the video with multiple angles at once. Thanks for sharing ^.^ It is, I imagine it would be more rewarding with a VR headset though!

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