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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Mursi?

The Mursi are an agro-pastoralist ethnic tribe living in southwestern Ethiopia, Africa. They inhabit the lower valley of the Omo River near the border of Ethiopia with South Sudan.

How many Mursi live in Ethiopia?

Around 7,500 Mursi people live in the country according to the 2007 census in Ethiopia, with 92.25% of the population residing in the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People's Region (SNNPR). The Mursi dwelling in the rural areas follows ancient tribal ways of life.

What happened to the Mursi in the Omo National Park?

With the establishment of the Omo National Park, the Mursi lost parts of their land area to the park. There were several disputes between the park authorities and the Mursi over ownership of parts of forest land that was previously used by the Mursi for cattle grazing.

What is the Mursi community conservation area?

The Mursi have declared their territory a community conservation area as of July 2008 and have begun a community tourism project. The Gibe III hydroelectric dam, in the middle Basin of the Omo and completed in October 2015, will greatly modify the flood regime upon which thousands of people in the lower basin depend for their livelihoods.

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