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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Mursi of Ethiopia?

Africa is blessed with a rich heritage and blend of exemplary peoples’ and cultures. Each region has a variety of distinct cultures and among these is the beautiful tribe of The Mursi of Ethiopia. The Mursi tribe found in southern Ethiopia are mostly nomads who live in the lower parts of Africa’s Great Rift Valley also called the Omo Valley.

How many Mursi are there?

According to the 2007 national census, there are 11,500 Mursi, 848 of whom live in urban areas; of the total number, 92.25% live in the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People's Region (SNNPR). Surrounded by mountains between the Omo River and its tributary the Mago, the home of the Mursi is one of the most isolated regions of the country.

Is Mursi related to Me'en and Suri?

Mursi is closely related (over 80% cognate) to Me'en and Suri, as well as Kwegu. According to the 1994 national census, there were 3,163 people who were identified as Mursi in the SNNPR; 3,158 spoke Mursi as their first language, while 31 spoke it as their second language.

What do Mursi people eat?

Mursi people rely heavily on cattle for meat and milk. They also harvest sorghum, maize, chick peas, and beans. Unfortunately, the Mursi people often face drought, which weakens their crops and cattle herds.

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