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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the frequency range of a Murs?

MURS is essentially a two-way radio that uses only five VHF frequencies. Three of these frequencies are within the 151 MHz and come with bandwidths that are narrow at just 11.25 kHz. The other two frequencies are within the 154 MHz range and have a slightly wider bandwidth at 20 kHz.

What is Murs (multi use radio service)?

According to the FCC, the MURS (Multi-Use Radio Service) is a private, short-distance, two-way data or voice communications service that civilians can use. This is mostly used for personal or business activities. MURS stations cannot legally be connected to the public phone network.

Can I assign a Murs channel to a specific system?

Also, not one of the MURS channels can be assigned to any system exclusively. You will be sharing the channels with others so you need to ensure that you don’t do anything to cause any interference for the other users. No MURS radio unit should exceed 2 watts transmitter power, too.

Is Murs required by the FCC?

The FCC requires that you only transmit on a MURS frequency using a radio model that is MURS certified. You are also not required to identify the MURS station you’re using with any particular call sign. Another rule is that A MURS device must have certification from the FCC.

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