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Frequently Asked Questions

Is kyojuro jealous of muichiro?

Kyojuro is jealous of Muichiro. Yes, he knows he's being petty. No, he can't stop being jealous and then feeling guilty about it. So it's up to Tanjiro to shut him up. With a kiss. Features RenTan and heavily implied one-sided MuiTan, along with spoilers for the ending of the Swordsmith Village Arc and the beginning of the Hashira Training Arc.

What happened to muichiro's parents?

Muichiro has lost his parents to a car crash at a young age, and now he helps out in his uncle's cafe with his twin, Yuichiro. Muichiro is a bright kid, always eager to... ✓✓FINISHED✓✓ One sunny day, in a city of Tokyo... Everything turned into a disaster. It was starting as a normal day, Muichiro, Tanjiro and Yuichiro we in their apartme...

Does Tanjiro know Muzan or Kagaya?

Tanjiro is connected to the Red Lilies and yet he has no reason to know Muzan, neither Kagaya. But he finds himself in the middle of it as he tries to pretend his sister who winds up injured and now mute from an accident. Watch the trio and the Captains as the story unfolds. Something I shouldn't write but I did it anyway... 6 /?

Who is muichiro Tokito?

This story takes place in a modern day highschool AU. We follow the perspective of 14 year old Muichiro Tokito, a freshman. He's just your average, homosexual, high scho... Muichiro is an anti-social boy who is often teased for his looks if his brother wasn't there to stop things would be a lot different

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