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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up the MPC plug-in in Pro Tools?

Launch Pro Tools. Navigate to the Setup Menu at the top of your screen and select Playback Engine. Note: This will require you to restart Pro Tools after selecting a new Playback engine. Navigate to Setup then I/O to set the input and output to the Default paths. Open the MPC Plug-in Preferences by navigating to, Edit, Preferences ...

Can I use my Akai MPC with Pro Tools?

In this MPC & Pro Tools tutorial taken from my book, ‘ Using the Akai MPC With Pro Tools ‘, I’ll be explaining how to set up your MPC as a fully recognised MIDI device within Pro Tools. This will mean that each MIDI trackyou set up in Pro Tools will be able to display the exact MIDI port and channel your Pro Tools track is connected to.

How do I setup the MPC X or MPC live?

This article will walk you through a full setup with the MPC X or MPC Live and Pro Tools, including hardware setup, opening MPC 2.0, and routing tracks in Pro Tools. Before you can use your MPC Live or X with your computer, put your MPC into Controller Mode. Press the Menu button.

What is MPC software?

MPC Software features powerful MPC Plugin instruments like Mellotron, Hype, and Solina, alongside world-class Insert Effects like AIR Stutter and Half Speed, including cutting-edge pitch processing in the AIR Vocal Suite, and much more. Advanced MIDI Multi capability transforms MPC into the ultimate MIDI sequencing studio centerpiece.

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