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Frequently Asked Questions

Who sells Craftsman lawn mower parts?

Sears PartsDirect has the riding mower, lawn tractor and garden tractor parts you need to keep your Craftsman lawn equipment running smoothly. Trust Sears PartsDirect to have the riding mower, lawn tractor, garden tractor and Craftsman pro series parts you need to fix the equipment quickly when a failure occurs.

Who carries Craftsman lawn mower parts?

Sears PartsDirect also has Craftsman 700 Series Platinum mower parts and Craftsman EZ Walk lawn mower parts. Get the parts and accessories that you need for any type of Craftsman mower.

What are the parts of a lawn mower?

The chassis, housing, or framework is typically comprised of steel, though many supporting lawn mower parts are forms of resin-based plastics with heat and vibration resistant properties. Older mowers have been constructed of wooden lawn mower parts with steel brackets.

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