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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for getting a mortgage?

The first step in applying for a mortgage is completing a standardized form called the Uniform Residential Loan Application. Each borrower has to complete this form, which asks for personal and financial details. Lenders use this application to determine your eligibility for a mortgage.

How much will my mortgage payment be?

When you mortgage a house, a down payment is made. A common down payment amount is 20% of the purchase price. The higher the down payment you make, the smaller the amount you will need to finance, and the smaller your monthly mortgage payment will be.

How much can I afford to borrow?

Although many buyers are aware of the ballpark figure that’s suggested people can borrow for a mortgage (around four to five times your annual income), this will vary depending on your choice of lender and financial circumstances.A mortgage broker will have a more detailed view of the amount you can borrow from specific lenders.

How much will I save by refinancing?

Refinancing your car loan can lower your interest rate and save hundreds or even thousands over the life of your loan. This is especially true if you originally signed with a dealership, or your credit score has improved since taking out your auto loan.

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