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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the characteristics of a bacterial colony?

Appearance of the colony surface: Bacterial colonies are frequently shiny and smooth in appearance. Other surface descriptions might be: dull (opposite of glistening), veined, rough, wrinkled (or shriveled), glistening.

What is the colony morphology?

Colony morphology is a way scientists can identify bacteria. In fact there is a book called Bergey's Manual of Determinative Bacteriology (commonly termed Bergey's Manual) that describes the majority of bacterial species identified by scientists so far.

Is yeast type of bacteria?

Brettanomyces, often referred to simply as brett, is a genus of yeast, not bacteria as far too many brewers falsely believe. It is the principal wild yeast used in sour beer production.

What is the colony morphology of Proteus vulgaris?

A significant feature of the colony morphology of Proteus vulgaris is the bacterium's tendency to produce concentric rings while a colony moves across an agar plate, explains Schenectady County Community College. Colony morphology refers to the typical physical characteristics of a bacterial colony, notes Science Buddies.

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