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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the militia of Montana?

The Militia of Montana ( MOM) is a paramilitary organization founded by David and John Trochmann of Noxon, Montana, United States. The organization formed from the remnants of the United Citizens for Justice in late 1992 in response to the standoff during the siege in Ruby Ridge, Idaho.

Who is Yellowstone militia leader Tim Westervelt?

Tim Westervelt is the founder of the Yellowstone Militia of Billings. He and other members of his militia attended a reopen rally in Helena, Montana, where they were photographed with Republican gubernatorial candidate Al Olszewski.

Who is People’s rights Montana?

People’s Rights Montana has 23 area assistants listed for 5 areas. Though not listed as an official statewide leader, Nick Ramlow announced he was the “administrator of the People’s Rights movement for the State of Montana.” [1] The group has 701 members statewide. Montana District 1 People’s Rights also has a Facebook group with 439 members. [2]

What is the American militia?

The Militia became a foundational model for many of the paramilitary organizations operating throughout the United States. Formed by John Trochmann and his brother David in January 1994, MOM received significant assistance from self-styled analyst Robert Fletcher.

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