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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Mojo stand for?

MOJO: Musician of Jewish Origin: MOJO: Miscarriage of Justice Organization: MOJO: Mukilteo Outrageous Jazz Orchestra

What does the slang word mojo mean?

What does Mojo mean in slang? Mojo is defined as good luck, charm or skill that seems to come from something magical or supernatural. An example of mojo is the ability of a man to attract beautiful women. (slang) Power, luck, etc., as of magical or supernatural origin.

What does the name Mojo mean?

Mojo means “fertility”, “rain, “music”, “dance” and “lucky charm”. The name Mojo is ranked #8763 overall. Baby boy names with ... Baby girl names with ... Find more beautiful first names!

What does Mojo mean in Urban Dictionary?

Urban Dictionary: Mojo. Mojo. Mojo is a noun originally used to mean a magic charm or spell or an amulet, often in the form of a small bag containing magic items worn by adherents of hoodoo or voodoo, or it could mean a quality or some ability that brings good luck or helps you be good at something. Originally from the US and associated with the music and dance culture, it has entered the English language and has also taken on an additional meaning of personal confidence and charisma with ...

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