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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Modsy work?

With Modsy, you’ll still work with an expert designer who will guide you through the whole process. Plus, you’ll get access to shop brands that only sell directly to interior designers (we’re kind of like your backstage pass to the interior design world’s best kept secrets).

How do I get Started with Modsy interior design?

Getting started with Modsy interior design is easy! You’ll kick things off by sending us a few photos and measurements of your room. (Or you can simply scan your room with your phone using our iOS app!) We’ll turn your images into a 3D model of your exact room. It’s practically magic.

Who are modmodsy remote designers?

Modsy Remote Designers are positive thinkers, design dilemma destroyers, furniture nerds, and art enthusiasts who range from students to stay-at-home parents.

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