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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Moderna's covid-19 vaccine need a booster shot?

Moderna plans to offer a third booster shot to volunteers who took part in the first stage of clinical trials for its experimental COVID-19 vaccine. The pharmaceutical company hopes to begin another trial by July to determine how long the protective antibodies from the vaccines last and if a booster shot is necessary.

Why Moderna clinical trials?

Moderna recognizes the importance of increasing disease awareness and extending clinical trial opportunities to populations and communities most at risk or most impacted by diseases.

Does the Moderna covid‑19 vaccine cause Bell's palsy?

Throughout the same period, there were three reports of Bell’s palsy in the Moderna COVID‑19 Vaccine group (one of which was a serious adverse event), which occurred 22, 28, and 32 days after vaccination, and one in the placebo group which occurred 17 days after vaccination.

What is Moderna doing with mRNA technology?

Moderna is also applying mRNA technology to the field of immuno-oncology. This therapeutic area involves harnessing the body's immune system to help identify and kill cancer cells in the same way the immune system identifies and targets infections.

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