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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do fashion models have to smile?

A smiling face invites interaction and a potential conversation. A non-smiling model elevates their status in a classic European way, showcases an attitude on nonchalance and portrays the utmost display of self-control. Fashion models on the catwalk are also in a particularly tricky business.

How rare are models’ smiles in fashion editorials?

In fashion editorials, too, smiles are like steak and chips on a model’s plate: very rare. Ready, steady … pout! The other thing that has always troubled me about this is how tiresomely predictable it is.

Why don’t runway models smile?

You’d be lying if you say that you haven’t ever wondered why most of the runway models don’t smile. An expressionless face is very popular among both catwalk and print models. Some say that models don’t smile because they aren’t happy (which is a pretty lame reason), whereas some think that it is their personal choice.

Why models don’t Smile while walking down a ramp?

Here are few reasons why the models don’t tend to smile while walking down a ramp or posing for a shoot. It might clear some doubts. 1. The no smile policy has a heritage

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