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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Bootstrap 3 Modal?

The Bootstrap modal component allows you to add a stylized dialog box to your website. Add a stylized dialog box to your website with the Bootstrap modal component. Modals are created with the .modal class along with various other .modal-* classes to define each section of the modal.

How do you trigger a Bootstrap Modal?

To trigger the modal window, you need to use a button or a link. The parent <div> of the modal must have an ID that is the same as the value of the data-target attribute used to trigger the modal ("myModal"). The .modal class identifies the content of <div> as a modal and brings focus to it.

What does the Modal plugin toggle via data attributes?

The modal plugin toggles your hidden content on demand, via data attributes or JavaScript. It also adds .modal-open to the <body> to override default scrolling behavior and generates a .modal-backdrop to provide a click area for dismissing shown modals when clicking outside the modal.

What is the purpose of the .fade class in Bootstrap Modals?

The .fade class adds a transition effect which fades the modal in and out. Remove this class if you do not want this effect. The attribute role="dialog" improves accessibility for people using screen readers. The .modal-dialog class sets the proper width and margin of the modal.

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