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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of unemployment claims can I file in Mississippi?

Your previous employment situation will determine the type of claim you file. Regular Unemployment Insurance Claims- if you worked or earned wages in Mississippi Interstate Claims- if you live in another state, but your base wages were earned in Mississippi

How do I register with MDes to apply for unemployment?

Register with MDES The first thing you have to do is register with MDES Online Services. Whether you want to file a claim to receive weekly unemployment benefits or to search for a new job, you must register first. That’s how you get your personal User Name and PIN number to be able to use the online system whenever you need to.

How do I search for a job or claim my benefits?

You must first register with MDES Online Services in order to search for a job or claim your benefits. Click here Unemployment Claims Register Benefit Information Claims Information Unemployment Applicant Services

Where can I look for a job in Mississippi?

If you do not have a computer or access to one, the public libraries in Mississippi have computers you may use to register with MDES and look for a job.  The WIN Job Centers also have computers you may use. Our employment representatives are there to help if you need assistance.

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