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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to file for unemployment online?

The good news is, however, that it is now possible to file for unemployment online and avoid the long lines found at state unemployment agencies. Applying for benefits online can help people avoid long waits at offices. Not all state unemployment agencies allow applicants to file for unemployment online, but the number that do appears to be growing.

Is it harmful if you file for unemployment?

Filing for unemployment has both positive and negative consequences. Those who file receive a benefit that can help them stay in their homes, feed their families and pay for needed medical care.

Can You Wait to file for unemployment?

There is no set date whereby it is too late to file for unemployment – it depends on how much you made and how long you've waited, as well as what state you live in. And though you do not have to file for unemployment compensation immediately after being let go from a job, it can only hurt if you wait.

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