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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mirage retractable screen?

Representing the premium end of the market. They are typically priced 5-10% more than the rest, but offer several distinctive advantages from Wizard, Phantom Retractable Screens. Mirage is the only retractable screen that does not SNAP back and this is a very big deal. Mirage screen doors are available with SuperScreen.

What is a mirmirage screen door?

Mirage screen doors are available with SuperScreen. The strongest, longest lasting screen mesh in the world. They are much prettier to look at it. There has been meticulous attention given to detail and you will really appreciate it when you see it.

Why install a retractable door screen?

With a retractable door screen installed by Vanishing Screens, there’s no need to worry about blocking your view or letting the fresh air in. When they aren’t needed they can be easily retracted. Fits most door types Our screens fit nearly all door types including in-swing, out-swing, single, double and slider doors.

What kind of paint does mirmirage use on their products?

Mirage uses the highest quality finishes formulated to exceed one of the toughest paint standards in the industry for UV and salt spray resistance, the AAMA 2604. Our products are painted in-house by trained Mirage personnel. This is especially important to ensure proper adhesion to the aluminum parts on the retractable window screen.

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