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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mindwipe tonic?

The mindwipe tonic was one of Rockwell's recipes and that recipe has made him so well known on the Island ARK that the Island's tribe leaders were all over his compound to get just a tiny sample. He described the recipe as being so absurd that his colleagues back in London wouldn't invite him to tea again.

How many times can you use mindwipe tonic on a server?

If you were on max Level you could only use it one more time and then never again with this character. On private server you can set bAllowUnlimitedRespecs=true in the section [/script/shootergame.shootergamemode] of the Game.ini to be able to use Mindwipe Tonic an unlimited amount of times

How do you reset the time for a mindwipe?

If you can change the time on the server you can just forward it 24 hours. This will reset the Mindwipe time. However, once you change the time back, it will need to be 24 hours from the server time your character drank the tonic. In my case, I forwarded 24 hours, so now i need to wait another 48 hours before i can drink the next mindwipe.

How do you make mindwipe tonic in Ark?

Mindwipe Tonic is a dish in ARK: Survival Evolved. It can be created in a Cooking Pot or Industrial Cooker.

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