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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the M12 fuel 3 cut off tool?

The M12 FUEL™ 3" Compact Cut Off Tool delivers multi-material cutting capability in an ergonomic package, optimized for one-handed use. Spinning at 20,000 RPM and featuring a POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor, the 2522 delivers fast and accurate cutting performance in a wide range of materials.

What is the torque on the M12 fuel 3/8 ratchet?

The M12 Fuel 3/8" Ratchet Has industry leading torque output at 55 ft-lbs. With up to a 20% smaller head size, it's the most compact ratchet and allows access into tight spaces.

What accessories come with the M12 fuel™ 2522?

For ultimate cutting versatility, the 2522 ships with three accessories: a metal cut off wheel, a diamond tile blade, and a carbide abrasive blade. The M12 FUEL™ 3" Compact Cut Off Tool also includes a tool free accessory guard & shoe that includes a vacuum adapter for dust mitigation as well as cut depth adjustment.

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