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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Milwaukee M12 Green 360° 3 plane laser kit?

The Milwaukee® M12™ Green 360° 3 Plane Laser Kit provides all day runtime and best visibility in its class. Get 15+ hours of continuous runtime when paired with an M12™ REDLITHIUM™ 4.0 XC battery for ultimate productivity.

Why choose the Milwaukee® M12™ laser level?

The amplified rare earth magnets provide a strong hold and will not slide on steel studs, while an integrated hang hole makes setup easy and efficient in any environment. As a part of the industry-leading MILWAUKEE® M12™ System, this 360˚ laser level is compatible with all M12™ Batteries.

What is a 3 plane laser level?

The three 360 degree planes include horizontal and 2 vertical lines for fast and easy alignment, leveling, squaring, and transfers allowing users to easily layout large spaces with only the 360 degree 3 Plane Laser Level. The integrated bracket features a micro control and pivots on plumb point for easy and fast alignment.

How does the M12™ 3 plane laser work?

The M12™ 3 Plane Laser features amplified rare earth magnets, providing a strong hold onto metal surfaces with the integrated screw and nail hang holes allowing easy and efficient setup in any environment.

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