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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to reinstate Oregon weight mile tax?

There is a reinstatement fee of $25 and a suspension fee of $5 per vehicle enrolled in Oregon’s Weight-Mile Tax Program. Oregon Weight-Mile Tax The Weight-mile tax applies to vehicles in commercial operations on public roads within Oregon with a registered weight over 26,000 pounds.

How are per diem rates determined in Oregon?

The GSA (General Services Administration) sets per diem rates on a monthly basis for each of the 36 counties in Oregon. Per diems are broken down county-by-county, so to determine the rates applicable to your business trip in Oregon choose the county or counties in which you will be travelling to access detailed per diem rate sheets.

What is the road use assessment fee in Oregon?

The Road Use Assessment Fee is paid for heavy loads over 98,000 pounds that cannot be divided, such as a single piece of machinery. Tax enrollment can be completed by enrolling a vehicle under an established account. Instructions and requirements for Oregon Highway Use Tax Reports is found in our Motor Carrier Education Manual.

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