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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the lyrics to Beds are Burning?

Midnight Oil Lyrics. "Beds Are Burning". Out where the river broke. The blood-wood and the desert oak. Holden wrecks and boiling diesels. Steam in forty-five degrees. The time has come. To say fair's fair. To pay the rent.

What is Beds are Burning by Midnight Oil?

About “Beds Are Burning”. “Beds Are Burning” is a 1987 single by Midnight Oil, released as the opening track of the sixth studio album Diesel and Dust. It is one of the band’s most internationally best known songs.

What is Midnight Oil's first song?

Audio sample. "Beds Are Burning" is a 1987 song by the Australian rock band Midnight Oil, the first track from their album Diesel and Dust. This song was the second from the album to be released as a single, and is among the band's best-known songs outside Australia.

What was Howard's favorite Midnight Oil song?

But he had also claimed that the reconciliation-themed "Beds Are Burning" was his favorite Midnight Oil song. The band played it dressed in black, with the word "Sorry" printed conspicuously all over their clothes, as a popular apology to indigenous people and to highlight the issue to Howard, who was in the audience as the ranking Olympic host.

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