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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you turn off Microsoft family settings?

Open services menu by clicking on the link labeled 'open services' at the bottom of task manager screen. Once the services screen pops up, search for 'parental controls'; Once you've located it, Right click and go to properties.. Then change the start-up type to disabled.

Why is Microsoft blocking Google Chrome?

windows 10 blocks chrome browser installation. Installation of Google Chrome browser is blocked because it not a verified Windows app.

How to fix Windows 10 firewall blocking Google Chrome?

Windows Defender Firewall PermissionsStart by setting the permissions for the browser, which is Google Chrome, in Windows Defender Firewall.To launch the search bar, press 'Windows and S' together.In the text field, type 'Windows Defender,' and you can launch 'Windows Defender Firewall' from this menu.More items...

How to block websites from accessing your location in chrome?

Open a new tab in Chrome, or open Chrome.From the main screen, access the 'apps' icon, or visit the 'Web Store' tab under the Google search bar. ...Make sure 'extensions' is selected.In the search field, enter 'block site'Choose a blocker you want to add. ...More items...

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