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Frequently Asked Questions

How many football championships has Michigan Wolverines won?

Michigan Wolverines football. Michigan has won or shared 42 league titles, and, since the inception of the AP Poll in 1936, has finished in the top 10 a total of 38 times. The Wolverines claim 11 national championships, most recently that of the 1997 squad voted atop the final AP Poll.

What is the Michigan Wolverines football record?

Fritz Crisler (1938–1947) Whatever the reasoning, the winged helmet has since become one of the iconic marks of Michigan football. Michigan debuted the winged helmet in a game against Michigan State in 1938. Two years later in 1940, Tom Harmon led the Wolverines to a 7–1 record on his way to winning the Heisman Trophy.

When is the next Michigan football game?

Michigan kicks off their 2019 football schedule on Saturday, Aug. 31 at home in Ann Arbor against the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders.

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