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Frequently Asked Questions

Who will start for Michigan football in 2020?

Defense: Michigan returns 8 Starters from 2020 including Aidan Hutchinson, Chris Hinton, Donovan Jeter, Josh Ross, Michael Barrett, Daxton Hill, Gemon Green and Vincent Gray; other players who have started include Taylor Upshaw. DE-Strong Side.

Who is the best tight end in Michigan football history?

According to Coach Harbaugh, All will be one of the Greatest Tight ends in Michigan Football History. Ben Mason played tight end so he can block linebackers; he started against MSU. Tackle Joel Honigford also played at Tight End for an extra blocker in all 6 games.

Where does Josh Ross rank among Big Ten linebackers for 2021-2022?

BigGameBoomer, an Oklahoma fan, ranks the Top 50 NCAA Division I Linebackers for 2021-2022; Josh Ross is ranked #46 on the list with 8 other Big Ten Linebackers ranked ahead of him Comments : Josh Ross led the defense with 6 tackles, 0.5 for loss, and 2 quarterback hits in the opener.

Which players have transferred from Michigan State?

Ben Vansumeren transferred to Michigan State; William Mohan transferred to Tennessee. Adam Shibley, Andrew Warinner, and Adam Fakih are in the transfer portal with no takers yet. Aaron Alexander and Micah Pollard have pledged for 2022! Will we add Lander Barton, Joshua Josephs, Michael Williams, Devin Smith or others for 2022?

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