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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Michaels going out of business?

Michaels, the craft chain store at 808 Columbus Avenue near 99th Street is closing by January 30 if not earlier, according to an employee. It’s currently having a going out of business sale, with everything 70% off. And we hear the store is filled with bargain-hunters.

Are Michaels stores closing?

Michaels is the first major retailer to close on the Upper West Side in 2021, but joins a handful of companies to close in the neighborhood during 2020. Including Century 21, Flying Tiger Copenhagen, and Papyrus. Michaels did not immediately respond to Patch's request for more details about the reasoning for the closing.

What is Michael Foods Inc?

Michael Foods, Inc. is a multinational producer and distributor of food products in to the foodservice, retail, and food-ingredient marketplaces.

Where are Michaels Stores located?

A location in Eden Prairie, MN. Michaels Stores, Inc., doing business as Michaels, is the largest American arts and crafts retail chain that currently operates more than 1,262 stores (consisting of 1,145 Michaels stores in 49 US states and Canada, 118 Aaron Brothers stores and 34 Pat Catan's stores) as of May 31, 2014.

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