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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a permit needed to protest in Miami Dade County?

Is a permit needed to protest in Miami Dade County. If you are on the court steps or on the sidewalk or in the building, the police may ask you to move if they feel that you are obstructing pedestrian traffic. However, you do not need to obtain a permit, and if you are not posing a danger or obstruction to traffic, then you may protest wherever you desire.

What does Dade mean in Miami Dade?

Definition of Miami Dade in Construction. This is normally a reference to the building code requirements of an area in Florida, identified as the Miami Dade county area of the state.

Is Miramar part of Miami Dade County?

Miramar is considered to be a part of the South Florida Metropolitan area, and has been classified as a bedroom community for Miami since the area was founded back in 1953. Miramar spans approximately 2.9 square miles and is bordered by Pembroke Pines, Hollywood, West Park, and Miami-Dade County.

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