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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Mr August Metzler?

Mr. August has been a leader in the real estate community for over 17 years, the last 11 years on Metzler’s Asset Management. His proven ability to use prudent judgement and understand long term objectives is displayed by the performance and occupancy of his $1.6 billion portfolio focused primarily on the East Coast.

Who is the Chief Investment Officer at Metzler?

Mr. Bradford, Metzler’s Chief Investment Officer, manages the firm’s overall investment activities. He excels at building and managing industry relationships and leveraging resources to achieve optimal return on investment.

Why Metzler real estate?

Metzler Real Estate is the US affiliate of Bankhaus Metzler, the oldest private bank in Germany with an unbroken tradition of family ownership. Metzler's distinctive independence has been the bedrock of the company since its origins in 1674. We think and act independently.

What is ngngi and why does it matter?

NGI makes a distinct break with past efforts on homeland missile defense by favoring long-term engineering rigor over short-term, off-the-shelf solutions. It also prioritizes capability over capacity to develop a truly advanced interceptor.

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