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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main method of heat transfer in a toaster?

In a bread toaster, infrared radiations heat the bread and make the toast. Thus, radiations are the main method of heat transfer. b. A heater in a...

Is a toaster convection or conduction?

In a toaster, heat is transferred mainly by thermal radiation, and to some extent by convective heat transfer. The wires and toast don't touch each other. So conduction is out of the question. There will be some airflow so it could be that. But that wouldn't toast bread so fast.

What are the different methods of heat transfer?

Our discussion on this page has pertained to the various methods of heat transfer. Conduction, convection and radiation have been described and illustrated. The macroscopic has been explained in terms of the particulate-an ongoing goal of this chapter of The Physics Classroom Tutorial.

Why is toast not heat transferred by conduction?

Conduction only applies to solids (, since the flame is essentially a liquid, heat would not be transferred by conduction. So you are only counting the flame as the heating object. The toast is heated by the flame so only the flame counts.

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