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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the Methodist Church split?

How the Methodist Church split in the 1840s. Their separation was one of the turning points on the road to the Civil War, for the Methodist Church was one of several national churches and institutions that broke apart because it could not withstand the growing tensions surrounding the divisive issue of slavery.

What do Methodists believe and practice?

Methodists also believe in baptism as a form of formally inducting a person into the Methodist family and in the symbolic value of Communion to reaffirm continued faith in Jesus. However, Methodists believe they should work in accordance with other Christians to spread God's love across the world.

What is the total number of Methodists in the world?

The United Methodist Church is one of the largest Protestant denominations with a faith community that includes 12.8 million members world-wide. United Methodists come in all sizes, shapes, colors, dispositions, outlooks and life stories, but share a unique history and faith perspective. Our members speak many languages and live in many countries.

What are the beliefs of Methodist religion?

Methodists believe that God is all-knowing and omnipotent, and that only true faith in Jesus can save humans from sin. Methodist baptism involves anointing a person with holy water to bring him into the church. Early Methodists believed in Christian living, and in inviting other people to join the church.

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