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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it does it mean to be Methodist?

Definition of methodist. 1 : a person devoted to or laying great stress on method.

What do Methodists believe and practice?

Methodists also believe in baptism as a form of formally inducting a person into the Methodist family and in the symbolic value of Communion to reaffirm continued faith in Jesus. However, Methodists believe they should work in accordance with other Christians to spread God's love across the world.

Do Methodist believe in predestination?

Methodists do not believe in predestination, Calvinists generally do. And, predestination is a theological theory I have never been able to understand. Do remember that the Confessing Movement (in both the Methodist and Presbyterian systems) is not the whole body, but rather a distinct movement within the body.

What are the Methodist beliefs?

Methodists believe in "witness of the Spirit" to assure themselves that they have been saved. Justification: By faith alone. Methodists believe good works, pleasing and acceptable to God in Christ, spring from a true and living faith, for through and by them faith is made evident.

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