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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the origin of Methodism?

The Methodist Church. The roots of Methodism comprised a group of 18th-century Oxford University students called the Holy Club," amongst whom were its founders, John and Charles Wesley. The term Methodism is a pejorative college nickname for that group, which described the methodical approach they used to study the Bible.

How many Methodists were in the United States in 1773?

So effective was Asbury and the others that, by 1773, there were 1,160 Methodists served by 10 preachers in Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Largely attracting poor farmers in areas neglected by the Anglican Church, Asbury promoted circuit riding as a way of reaching them.

Why did the Methodist Church split in the 1800s?

Expansion and splintering in the 1800s. The political issues of slavery greatly contributed to the splintering of the Methodist Church in the 19th century. Fearing a split from the Southern church, leaders from the northern church refused to take a stand on slavery.

How did the Great Awakening lead to the formation of Methodism?

Each was attracted to the fervency of Methodist worship, a disciplined approach to organization, and the desire to fully participate in their faith expression. As men experienced in the evangelistic movement of The Great Awakening, the three would help found what is now called United Methodism.

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