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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Methodist University good?

Methodist University is a very friendly college. The professors are very helpful and they're really easy to talk to. The small class sizes is excellent which means more one on one time with the professors. Be sure to use your campus resources. The are many resources on campus that will help you academically. The academics at Methodist are great.

What division is Methodist University in football?

The SMU Mustangs are an intercollegiate football team representing Southern Methodist University (SMU) in the Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Since the 2013 college football season, the Mustangs compete in the American Athletic Conference.

Is there a Methodist University in North Carolina?

Methodist is a private, Christian university located in Fayetteville, North Carolina. It is a small institution with an enrollment of 1,949 undergraduate students.

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