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Frequently Asked Questions

How does sedimentary rock change into magma?

When sedimentary rocks melt due to high temperatures and pressures it turns into magma.

Is a geode a sedimentary igneous or metamorphic rock?

Geodes are technically sedimentary rocks, since they are the result of the action of water. Geodes are formed when cavities in a host rock (which may be sedimentary or igneous) become lined with a durable mineral, often a variety of quartz. The term geode usually refers to rounded nodules with hollow centers.

Is a geode a metamorphic rock?

Fulgurites are hard, jagged, oblong masses formed by soil, rock, and/or sand that has been fused together by a lightning strike. Geodes are sedimentary or metamorphic rocks containing a hollow, mineral-filled interior such as quartz. Thundereggs are solid, agate-filled lumps found in volcanic regions.

How can sedimentary rocks become metamorphic?

Sedimentary rocks can become metamorphic rocks if the thousands of feet of sediments above them apply enough heat and pressure to further change the structure of the sedimentary rock. Metamorphic rocks are harder than other types of rock so they're more resistant to weathering and erosion.

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