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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I unlock metamask using my Password?

If, for whatever reason, you cannot unlock MetaMask using your password, there may still be a possibility of recovering your Secret Recovery Phrase. Follow these instructions, and if you get stuck, start a conversation with our Support agents. 1. You do not know your Secret Recovery Phrase 2. You know your password 3.

Can metamask retrieve my funds?

Remember: as transactions on the blockchain are irreversible, MetaMask cannot retrieve your funds for you. Even if this were not the case, we wouldn't be able to anyway: as a self-custodial wallet, we do not have access to or control over your Secret Recovery Phrase — only you do.

How do I decrypt my metamask vault?

Then open the MetaMask Decryptor.htm file in your browser with your computer disconnected from the Internet. On the Vault Decryptor page, paste the {"data":} part of the vault data and use the password you set for your wallet in the MetaMask Extension and click the "Decrypt" button.

How do I restore my metamask wallet?

You can now use the Secret Recovery Phrase (and private keys) to restore your MetaMask wallet. We urge you strongly to make sure that you always backup your Secret Recovery Phrase, and any manually imported private keys, so this never happens again. What if you no longer have access to the browser but still have access to the computer's files?

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