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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Merlion a real animal?

Although it isn't a real animal, it has a symbolic meaning for the country. A Merlion is a little like a mermaid (you should read about the tragic original Little Mermaid when you get a chance). Where a mermaid is half fish half human, a Merlion is half fish half lion. It has the head of a lion and the body of a fish.

How tall is Merlion?

Merlion Park. Two Merlion statues are located at the park. The original Merlion structure measures 8.6 meters tall and spouts water from its mouth. It has subsequently been joined by a Merlion cub, which is located near the original statue and measures just 2 metres tall.

What is the story of Merlion?

The Merlion is a mythical creature that was created by a designer in the 1960's. So let's start with the Lion part. There is an old tale a Malay prince was shipwrecked on the island known as Temasek (now Singapore). He and his crew saw what they believed was a lion and aptly named the island Singapura which is sanskrit for Lion City.

How many merlions are there in Singapore?

Ans: There are five official Merlions statues in Singapore. Two of them are located at Merlion Park, adjacent to the promenade of One Fullerton.

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