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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my membership renewal email more effective?

Create a calendar reminder to prompt you to make adjustments to your renewal email when your new report comes out. Be sure that the member renewal date is prominent. You want your members to take action the first time they read this email and not wait for reminders. Don’t just link to your membership website home page.

How do I write a membership renewal letter?

We hope you had as much fun as we did at our members-exclusive Evening at the Museum Gala in December. Your main options when composing membership renewal letters are direct mail and email. While email might be faster and less expensive, a physical letter might be more persuasive and more difficult to ignore.

How do I communicate with my membership renewal date?

Consider communicating with: Two to three emails in advance of the membership renewal date. It’s great to get your dues payments in sooner! Two to three emails if the member goes past due. A phone call somewhere in the process.

What should be included in a renewal reminder email?

Typically, a series of renewal reminder emails can include one or more emails before the subscription runs out, an expiration day email, and a follow-up email after the membership is over to encourage users to renew one more time. [Name], you didn’t renew your membership — but it’s not too late! [Name], your membership is about to expire!

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