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Frequently Asked Questions

What doctor to see for frequent urination?

Types of doctors who can help treat OABFamily practice physician. If you’re experiencing symptoms of OAB, you should make an appointment with your primary care doctor.Urologist: Urinary tract conditions specialist. ...Nephrologist: Kidney conditions specialist. ...Gynecologist: Female reproductive specialist. ...Condition specialists. ...

Is frequent urination good or bad for the bladder?

While in some cases it can be a symptom of kidney disease, frequent urination is most often related to a bladder issue. If you are experiencing frequent urination, see your primary care provider (PCP).

Do azo pills help with frequent urination?

Too bad that’s not what the best study of the product shows. That study, conducted by the Belgian company that created the supplement, found that Azo Bladder Control is no more effective than a placebo at relieving the urgency to urinate and reduces only slightly the number of trips to the bathroom during the day or night.

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