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Frequently Asked Questions

How to keep bees from swarming?

The following is how to make bees go away without use of harmful sprays:Peppermint plantsCucumber peelsPotted MarigoldsCinnamonOrganic baby powderCrushed garlicVanilla mixed with baby oil on your skin

Will bees in trees go away on their own?

In the time of swarming, bees will usually rest in a tree and go away on their own when they are ready. When they are looking for a new home, a tree is their temporary location, and in a couple of hours, they are already leaving it and going to a new place. It also depends on the weather.

Do bees swarm at night?

Yes, they do. There are plenty of reasons why bees decide to swarm during the nighttime. In arid areas, night time offers moisture which is welcomed by the bees. The cover of darkness also helps bees avoid predators. If a swarm can settle before the sun is up they can easily avoid potential threats from birds and hornets.

What month do bees swarm?

Swarm season is usually expected during late Spring, this is between April and May. This is the time of the year when bees reproduce and discover new places to build their hives. You will notice it a swarm when you see thousands of bees hovering on trees and houses looking for a new place to start fresh.

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