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Frequently Asked Questions

What to order at cookout?

The Guide To Ordering Your Food At Cook Out The Cook Out Tray is a savior. One main entree, two side items, and a drink for $4.99. ... You can only get ONE entree. There are many entrees to choose from: chicken sandwiches, burgers, barbecue sandwiches, quesadillas (at limited locations), chicken strips, etc. You cannot make a side the entree of a tray. ... Cook Out does not have kid meals. ... More items...

Who owns Cook Out restaurants?

Cook Out (restaurant) Cook Out was founded by Morris Reaves. He is currently the owner of the company, with his son Jeremy Reaves serving as CEO. As of September 2018 there are 244 locations in 10 states. The company opened its first out-of-state store in Spartanburg, South Carolina, on July 30, 2010.

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