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Frequently Asked Questions

What is packages for Ish Mass Effect 2?

Omega: Packages for Ish is an Assignment in Mass Effect 2. Omega: Packages for Ish is about Ish, a Salarian businessman, who needs a package picked up.

Where can I find ish on Omega?

You’ll find a Salarian named Ish on Omega standing outside of the entrance to the Afterlife nightclub. He appears sometime after the Horizon campaign mission during the second recruitment phase of the game.

Where can I find ish's packages?

Both of Ish's packages are datapads, and they can be annoying to find if you don't know precisely where to look. That, of course, is where we come in. The first place you want to visit is the planet of Illium. Illium is located in the Tasale system, which can be visited by jumping to the Crescent Nebula.

Where can I find the Giant Bomb packages for Ish assignment?

- Mass Effect 2 - Giant Bomb Packages for Ish Assignment (Glitch?) There is a quest on Omega where a Salarian named Ish asks you to retrieve a couple datapads for him. One of them is on the Citadel the other on Illium.

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