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Frequently Asked Questions

What does MDS stand for?

Minimum Data Set (MDS) - Nursing Home Assessment The Minimum Data Set (MDS) is part of a federally mandated process for clinical assessment of all residents in Medicare or Medicaid certified nursing homes. This process entails a comprehensive, standardized assessment of each resident's functional capabilities and health needs.

What is MDS in statistics?

Multidimensional scaling ( MDS) is a means of visualizing the level of similarity of individual cases of a dataset. MDS is used to translate "information about the pairwise 'distances' among a set of points mapped into an abstract Cartesian space.

What are the main causes of MDS?

Some outside exposures can lead to MDS by damaging the DNA inside bone marrow cells. For example, tobacco smoke contains chemicals that can damage genes. Exposure to radiation or certain chemicals such as benzene or some chemotherapy drugs can also cause mutations that lead to MDS.

What is the prognosis for MDS?

Life expectancy with MDS can range from months to years, depending on what type of MDS you have, how likely it is that the MDS will become leukemia, and other risk factors you may have. Your doctor may use a scoring system to determine the overall prognosis.

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