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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I expand the connectivity of the MC4?

Expanded connectivity can be provided to the MC4 via Crestron control port expansion modules, Ethernet to Cresnet bridges, wired Ethernet I/O extenders, or Wi-Fi® network I/O extenders (all sold separately).

What does the MC4 have to offer?

The MC4 includes a built‑in infiNET EX® and ER wireless gateway for acquiring wireless devices as well as numerous control ports for controlling wired devices. 4-Series Control Engine

Are MC4 nuts a standard?

Hey Renogy, get with the program, MC4 is a standard, if you make a tool, make sure they fit MC4's not just some bastard child version you make with larger than standard nuts. BOOOOOOOO. Also the pins used to separate the MC4 are too stiff to use without risk of breaking...

What is the solar panel connector assembly tool?

Details The Solar Panel Connector Assembly Tool is a hard plastic material that is very handy for both the assembly of custom solar panel wires and also for breaking connection after they have already been made. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

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