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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Maya name themselves the Mayan?

The Aztecs did not call themselves Aztecs, and the Maya did not call themselves Maya. It gets complicated, but the people we now call ‘Maya’ actually called themselves by the name of their home town or city. We call them ‘Maya’ because linguists now know that all the languages of the Maya area are connected to a common root that existed ...

Does Maya have a girl?

Maya Vander is a mother of two! The Selling Sunset star announced on social media Saturday that she had welcomed her second child, a baby girl named Elle Madison, on Thursday, May 21. Get push notifications with news, features and more. You'll get the latest updates on this topic in your browser notifications.

Did Maya have farmers?

Whilst there’s no evidence to suggest that the ancient Maya used hammocks - so popular today - we DO know that, like the Aztecs, they slept on simple reed mat beds, often raised off the ground by rods. And whilst up to 9 Maya families out of 10 were farmers, fishers, or hunter/gatherers, in the words of one scholar ‘farmers remain silent to us’ because so little by way of the physical remains of their way of life remain today for us to study - compared to that of the rich nobility...

What did Maya women do?

Women were in charge of the home. This included all food preparation as well as raising any livestock (which may have included deer). Women also made all the cloth for clothing and trade. Later during the Maya period several times women even ruled cities.

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