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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Matt base?

The resulting matt, homogeneous base heightens the ever-changing play of light on the tiled shells which, touching the artificial ground lightly, appear almost to float above it. It is much more a matt r for debate.

What is the music in vs Matt 2?

The menu music that plays in Vs Matt 2.0 is the Boxing Results music from Wii Sports. Before entering the main menu, the player will be greeted with a mock-up version of the Wii Health and Safety message with a link that details more about the player's health and safety.

Is there a different Matt in wiik1?

Not to be confused with a different Matt. Matt is a famous Mii character from the Wii Sports series on the Nintendo Wii, and is an absolute unit at sports, mainly boxing (the sport, not boxing items). He has 2 weeks, WiiK1 and WiiK2. WiiK1 has 3 songs, which are named Light it Up, Ruckus, and Target Practice.

What is the difference between Matt and Wii Sports Club?

In Wii Sports, Matt is the Champion of Boxing, but the Wii Sports Club Matt of the same name goes the opposite way, being the worst. Similarly, Matt is one of the worst players at Tennis and Baseball, while Wii Sports Club Matt is a top Pro at those sports.

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