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Frequently Asked Questions

How many shares of MasterCard stock would you have bought at IPO?

For $10,000, investors could have bought 256 shares of Mastercard at its IPO, and these shares would have turned into 2,560 shares as of Jan. 21, 2014, when Mastercard split its stock 10-for-1 -- its only stock split to date.

How much is a MasterCard stock worth today?

Today, each Mastercard share is worth $340.96 each as of this writing, meaning that initial $10,000 investment back in 2006 would be worth $872,832 today! And that figure doesn't even include dividends. Since 2006, Mastercard has also paid out $16,532.48 on those initial 256 shares.

Is MasterCard a good investment for shareholders?

But shareholders have done even better than that: Mastercard has also bought back a fair amount of its own stock over the past decade, meaning that existing shareholders own an increasing percentage of the business, without even having to buy more shares.

When did mastermastercard go public?

Mastercard went public on May 25, 2006, issuing a little less than half of its 135 million shares to the public at a price of $39 per share. The company raised $2.4 billion that day, at a total market capitalization of $5.3 billion.

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