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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I generate a SecurID token code (passcode)?

To generate a token code (passcode): 1. Click the Soft Token icon shortcut on your desktop -or- Click the Start menu button, point to Programs, then RSA, then RSA SecurID Token, then RSA SecurID Token. The system will display a window for you to enter your PIN. You should see your token serial number in the left-hand corner of the RSA application:

What is MasterCard connect?

Why Connect? Your business. Our technology. When we connect, we go further. Mastercard Connect is designed to help our partners—business customers like you. Whether you're an issuer, acquirer, service provider, or merchant, Connect helps you get more from your Mastercard relationship. Already a mastercard partner?

How secure are the tokens on a credit card?

The sensitive card data itself is stored on a server with much higher security. The token is basically a link to that data. A hacker who steals a token from a merchant's system will find that it is worthless. It was valid only for a purchase at that merchant.

What is RSA SecurID software token software?

The RSA SecurID Software Token software is a small application that must be loaded on the end users' computer and used for authenticating into Mastercard systems. Hardware tokens (fobs) are no longer required when using this authentication method. How long will it take to set up a software token implementation?

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